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We find tech firms and intellectual properties that fit your specific profile of needs and requirements.


BS-TIP was founded by a group of highly experienced associates in Hong Kong, we specialize in buying and selling startups as well as intellectual and technical property. With offices in Hong Kong and Singapore we act as an international marketplace, enabling you to achieve access our software together with our comprehensive database of potential IP & IT buyers and sellers, in addition to patent assets from a variety of categories.
Licensing, or acquiring IP and tech firms enables our clients to secure the freedom to operate and additionally we give them valuable tools to help reduce the time to market and provide a speedy alternative to a costly R&D process. On top of this we also find tech firms that fit your specific needs and requirements.

Active on a global scale

We are active internationally, enabling clients, both buyers and sellers to locate potential transaction partners far beyond their network of contacts, based solely on their sector or geographic location; this generates a far greater success rate on a truly global scale. We provide the groundwork and basis to lead our clients to successful M&As.

Intellectual property licensing

How we can help with intellectual property licensing? If you have IP or Technology to sell or license, the team at BS-TIP, can help you network with the appropriate professionals to register your IP, or to explore its feasibility. Beyond that there is also the possibility that we may purchase your IP or IT for our own purposes.

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These are some of the advantages of buying with BS-TIP:

  • Find and identify companies that meet your requirements.
  • Access our extensive and comprehensive international database of potential acquisitions.
  • Using our services, you can pinpoint your search criteria with precision.
  • We are your one-stop shop to conduct investments, M&A's, as well as networking with companies.
  • Work with us in complete privacy and anonymity.

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These are some of the many advantages of selling with BS-ITP:

  • We'll help you find and identify the most suitable buyers.
  • We recommend your company to interested parties.
  • Access to a worldwide market with our database from a wide range of sectors
  • Gain a network of potential business connections.
  • Work with us in complete privacy and anonymity.
  • We can be your front for any transaction, guaranteeing your anonymity.
  • We can connect you to relevant worldwide experts to help you in executing any transaction

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Our Privacy


We ensure your confidentiality and privacy. Only the information you wish to be visible to the public in your profile can be viewed by potential clients.
Once a client has requested to proceed to the next stage and we have been given your authorization, your company name and your identity will be visible to them according to you wishes: if you wish to retain your anonymity we can be your front in any transaction, based on your personal preferences and instructions, the choice is yours to make.


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